AMD to Release Quad-Core Processor for Notebooks in 2010

From X-bit Labs: The first quad-core central processing unit (CPU) for notebooks in AMD’s line will be code-named “Champlain” and will be the base of the code-named “Danube” platform, AMD revealed at last week’s meeting with financial analysts. There are no details about the chip, but since the processor will only emerge sometime in 2010, it has good chances to be made using 32nm process technology.

Before the “Danube” platform emerges in 2010, AMD plans to release “Tigris” platform in 2009. The forthcoming platform will be based on dual-core code-named “Caspian” CPU manufacturing using 45nm fabrication process as well as next-generation RS880M+SB710 core-logic set.

It is interesting to note that both “Caspian” and “Champlain” microprocessors will be made in the same – socket s1 3rd generation – form-factor.

According to Jon Peddie Research analysts, desktop replacement notebooks for gamers are “showing strong gains”. Therefore, it is pretty regrettable that AMD decided not to introduce quad-core mobile microprocessors in 2009. Intel already has a quad-core processor for high-performance notebooks and the lineup is likely to expand next year.

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