Samsung Starts Mass Production of 25GB, 50GB Enterprise SSDs

From DailyTech: The SSD bandwagon is getting more and more crowded as time goes by and the category begins to mature. Many SSD makers are actively targeting the business and enterprise category for their wares where the benefits of the SSD and higher price make more sense. Small and low cost SSDs are the more popular options in the consumer space where netbooks are coming on strong.

Samsung has announced new enterprise SSDs that are designed to offer low power consumption and high IOPS rates. Samsung announced this week that it is now in mass production with a pair of SSDs in odd capacities. The SSDs are being offered in 25GB and 50GB flavors.

Samsung says that the SSDs are optimized for server applications like video on demand, web serving, and on-line transaction processing. The parts were designed specifically for the enterprise market and the maker claims that the new SLC SSDs offer twice the random write performance of its standard 32GB and 64GB SLC SSDs.

Samsung was also out to save enterprise users money on cooling costs and power for high-density server rooms. The new SSDs need only 1.25 watts of power in active mode and 0.3 watts in idle. That is a 25% power savings when compares to a typical 2.5-inch 15,000 rpm SAS HDD.

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