Microsoft releases open-source content management app

From InfoWorld: Microsoft has released an early version of an open-source content management platform that developers can use to build sophisticated blogs or large Web sites.

Called Oxite, its creators describe it as a standards-compliant and highly extensible content management platform. They built it not because there is a need for another blog engine, but because they were building the MIX Online site for Web designers and wanted to offer an example of a use for ASP.Net MVC, according to the Oxite Web site .

ASP.Net MVC lets developers use ASP.Net to build Web applications using an architecture called model-view-controller. Microsoft released a preview of the ASP.Net MVC framework, designed to make it easier for developers to test applications, late last year.

Oxite includes a number of important blog functions that can be complex to implement, according to Microsoft. The framework offers many features common in blogs, including pingbacks, trackbacks, and anonymous or authenticated comments with the option to moderate comments, RSS feeds for any page and a Web administration panel.

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