AMD 40nm RV740 with GDDR5 Coming

From Tom's Hardware: Sources received information claiming that RV740 will have 640 stream processors, 32 texture units and 16 render back-ends, just like the HD4830.

On the memory side, things have changed. The memory is expected to be 900MHz GDDR5 (3600MHz effective) for the highest-end card using the RV740 GPU, utilizing a 128-bit memory interface instead of a 256-bit interface running at 900MHz GDDR3 (1800Mhz effective).

Power consumption will be significantly lower than that of RV770LE due to the 40nm process. At the same time, performance should be slightly higher than the HD4830, but not quite up to the level of the HD4850.

Sources indicate that the price of the card will be under $100 (USD).

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