APH Networks Wishes Everyone a Merry Christmas!

From all the staff at APH Networks, we wish everyone a very merry Christmas. Whether you are celebrating the day in remembrance of Jesus' birth, a time to gather with friends or family, hunting down the latest Boxing Day sales, catching up some sleep that you've missed out for the past few months, or maybe all of the above, we hope that you will make it an enjoyable time for both yourself and everyone around you.

We would like to thank you, the reader, and all the companies and manufacturers that has supported in the past and are currently active in working with us. You have made us who we are today, and without you, there will be no APH Networks!

Now let's par-tay, while I catch up on the reviews that I've missed during my Engineering exam weeks. I am so glad that I finally have time to do stuff, and best of all, taking up my position and responsibilities back here. But then... let me finish my list as aforementioned first haha!

Representing the APH Team, in no particular order:
Herbert Lui, Article Quality Control Editor
Kenneth Kwok, Technology News Director
Anthony Kwan, Technology News Editor
Zachary Hopkins, Lead Global Moderator
Gordon Tam, Forum Moderator

- Jonathan Kwan (Better known as chconline lol) - Editor in Chief, APH Networks.