Apple News Sites Awash With iPhone nano Rumors

From DailyTech: Apple has a reputation for keeping the American public clinging on its every word, a reputation carefully crafted through a reputation for industry-shaking announcements ever since the release of its fortune changing iPod. The company regularly revamps its iPod line and has launched major products like the iPhone and the MacBook Air at big press events like MacWorld, held each January.

And while this will be Apple's last year at MacWorld, that does not stop the rumors that a big announcement is coming.

America's best selling phone, the iPhone, has long been rumored to be scheduled to get a smaller sibling, an iPhone nano. Now, fueled by moves by some case manufacturers, these rumors are heating up, just in time for the pre-MacWorld buzz.

Third party iPod and iPhone case maker XSKN stoked the fire by launching an "iPhone nano" case section on its site. The skins are for a phone the same thickness as the iPhone, but slightly shorter. There are a variety of colors and the protective cases are selling from between $25 and $27. The site has already received some orders from hopeful Apple fans.

Some believe that XSKN may be on to something, as it accurately leaked case designs for the iPhone 3G and fourth-generation iPod nano, before either product was announced by Apple. However, many remain skeptical that the long term rumor of an iPhone nano is close to coming true.

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