Mozilla releases second alpha of Fennec mobile browser

From ars technica: Mozilla has announced the availability of Fennec alpha 2, a new prerelease of the organization's evolving mobile browser. This version includes some much-needed performance optimizations that improve the responsiveness of the program.
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The Fennec project, which aims to bring the full power of Gecko and Firefox 3 to handheld devices, was first announced last year. Mozilla's successful effort to reduce memory consumption during the Firefox 3 development cycle finally made the browser a viable choice for resource-constrained mobile environments. Mozilla also built an improved JavaScript engine this year called TraceMonkey that has delivered big performance gains.

Despite all of that heavy optimization work, the first Fennec alpha, which was released in October, was very sluggish. Our tests on the Nokia N810 found it to be promising, but still far from usable. The situation has improved considerably in the new alpha release, which offers faster loading and scrolling.

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