Businesses Make the Move to Mac OS

From PC World: The Mac OS has long been known as an operating system for graphic artists, creative folks and those who prefer to treat their personal computers as, well, personal. Widespread business use is almost unheard of. But lately there's been a lot of discussion that Apple may be about to make a big push into the enterprise market. Here are four stories about people and companies whose
Glenn Romanelli, owner of Lightaus Designs, Inc., a Web development firm l in Smithtown, NY, says that although there are still a few PCs around the office, they will eventually be weeded out. Making the transition, Romanelli says, was a "no brainer."

"Have software that will only run on a PC? No problem," recounts Romanelli. "There is software for the Mac called VMWare that will run Windows like an application on the Mac." Using VMware, he says, you can install any Windows software you need and work just like you're on a PC. "Plus, there's no need to reboot to do this. As far as Microsoft Office goes, there is free software available for download on the Mac called NeoOffice and it will open and save Word docs and Excel files the same way Microsoft Office does." (For more free Mac software, see Seven Open-Source Mac Apps You Need Right Now.)

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