LG Teams with YouTube, CinemaNow

From PC World: Cancel your cable bill: LG will unveil a new line-up of Blu-ray players at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas capable of streaming YouTube and CinemaNow videos. Add these upcoming features to LG's new standard for streaming Netflix movies and you have three fewer reasons to subscribe to expensive cable packages.

Some 12,000 movies are available for instant viewing on Netflix, millions on YouTube, and now an additional 14,000 movies via CinemaNow. Those looking for a wide variety of inexpensive or free content, and also prepared to make the switch to Blu-ray, couldn't find a better deal.

LG's integration of network-capable players and high-quality movie services will become in the industry standard in 2009. A wide variety of devices -- from DVD players to game consoles -- already support Netflix streaming. The original stand-alone player -- the Roku box -- has announced plans to broaden its scope and include streaming Internet video channels such as Hulu to the mix in early 2009.

By this time next year, cable providers will be forced to seriously consider major price cuts in order to maintain a competitive edge, as users will be netting all their content online, in HD, and on the big screen.

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