50 Million PlayStation 2 Consoles Sold in North America

From DailyTech: 50 million PlayStation 2 consoles have been sold in North America. Despite being nine years old, the console is still selling well and is the most played console of 2008 according to a Nielsen study. In November, 206,000 PlayStation 2 units were sold.

According to NPD numbers, the original Microsoft Xbox sold 14.5 million consoles and the Nintendo GameCube sold 12 million consoles. In the United States alone 43 million PlayStation 2s have been sold.

In an interview with Gamasutra, John Koller, director of hardware marketing at SCEA, explained the PlayStation 2s continued success is a “self-fulfilling prophecy”. The PlayStation 2 continues to do well because they continue to support the console and there are no plans to discontinue support.

Koller discussed how the key to the PlayStation 2’s success was the inclusion of a DVD player and its “incredible software lineup”. Sony has been unable to duplicate this success with the PlayStation 3 despite the inclusion of a Blu-ray player.

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