HP Mini 1100 Specifications Show Up Online

From DailyTech: Computer sales are down in most categories, but the netbook market continues to post significant growth. Most computer makers have jumped into the netbook market in an effort to give consumers what they want in the poor economy and grab their share of the market.

HP is the largest computer maker in the world and it announced its first netbook in October of 2008 called the HP Mini 1000. Prior to the netbook making its official debut, specifications of the 1000 showed up on the HP website.

Today specifications for the new Mini 1100 series netbooks have turned up, which could mean the netbooks are set to debut very soon. There are specifications for four models on the HP website including an 1131CL, 1135NR, 1140NR, and the 1141NR.

For the most part the specifications are the same and include an Intel Atom N270 CPU at 1.6GHz, 1GB of RAM, Intel GMA 950 graphics. Storage for all four models is to a 60GB 4200 RPM HDD and each has the same 10.1-inch 1024 x576 LCDInfinity BrightView LED display. Wi-Fi is integrated along with HD audio, a webcam, and an integrated mic.

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