Twitter Members Following Dell Get Special Discounts

From DailyTech: Social networking has proven to be one of the most popular aspects of internet life for many around the world. Millions of people everyday use social networks like MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter for all sorts of things from keeping in touch with friends and family to looking for jobs and more.

During the presidential campaigns last year one social network -- Twitter -- proved to be especially helpful to the Obama campaign. Now companies are looking to social networking sites to help drive sales during the economic recession the globe is in the grips of today.

Dell has announced that it will be offering exclusive discounts to Twitter members who follow its properties on Twitter. According to Dell, the company has 80 different Twitter properties with some focused on Dell Outlets and others focused on specific countries like the U.S., U.K., Ireland and more.

This week Dell offered Twitter members following the @DellOutlet a link to a special and exclusive coupon offering 30% off a Dell XPS M1210 laptop. The special deal was only valid in the U.S., but it is easy to see Dell offering similar deals to other countries.

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