Blu-ray Price Drop: Studios Slash Movie Prices

From CNET Could Hollywood finally be getting the message and lowering the prices of Blu-ray movie titles? We hope so. An insightful report by Josh Dreuth at discusses the sudden price drop for Blu-ray titles, which critics have long griped were too steep for the high-def format to gain mainstream acceptance.

In some cases, Blu-ray titles are now only $10 to $20, a few dollars more than their DVD counterparts. Amazon, for instance, is selling the unrated version of The 40-Year-Old Virgin for $15, and Iron Man for $19. The DVD versions of these titles are just $5 less. And Blu-ray editions of older flicks from the studio vaults, including Stargate, Total Recall, and the first three Rambo movies, are now $10.

Will the lower prices help? It's no secret that consumers haven't exactly warmed up to Blu-ray, although disc and player sales did pick up during the 2008 holiday season, particularly in Europe. The Blu-ray edition of The Dark Knight did particularly well, selling well over a million copies in the U.S. alone. Currently there are nearly 11 million Blu-ray players in the United States, according to the Digital Entertainment Group.

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