SanDisk Hopes to Grow Business by Tapping Phone Market

From DailyTech: Most every smartphone on the market, save the iPhone, has a microSD card slot built-in to allow for more storage for music and video over what the internal memory offers. Some phones don't offer internal memory and the microSD card slot is the only way to add storage to the handset.

Despite the fact that many mobile phones include a microSD card slot, the percentage of phone users who actually take advantage of the slot is very small. SanDisk is looking to fill the memory slots on phones that are going unused and grow its business at the same time.

At Mobile World Congress 2009 (MWC 2009), SanDisk announced plans to highlight its mobile phone storage products and raise consumer awareness of the storage cards and unused features of a user's phone. According to Reuters, 70 percent of the phones sold in the U.S. this year are designed to use external memory cards.

SanDisk's plan revolves around working with mobile carriers to raise the awareness of the fact that music and video can be stored on an external memory card. SanDisk also hopes to help mobile carriers raise awareness of hard to find features on the phones that they sell.

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