Most GSM Phones Will Use Standardized Micro-USB Chargers by 2012

From DailyTech: The GSM Association (GSMA) has launched a major initiative to standardize power chargers on GSM phones, using its new UCS (Universal Charging Solution) standard. The GSMA wants to ensure that the mobile phone industry adopts a common format for mobile phone charger connections, justifying that the new energy-efficient chargers will result in an estimated 50 per cent reduction in standby energy consumption.

Many mobile phones already use the mini-USB connector, which allows recharging the phone while transferring data at the same time to a computer. However, many newer phones are using the flatter micro-USB connector, designed for ultra-slim electronics. Both allow a slow charge of 500mA through a powered USB port or hub, or a faster charge through the use of an AC adapter.

The new UCS standard specifies a high efficiency charger using a micro-USB connector, to be used by a target date of January, 2012. The technical requirements behind UCS were developed by the OMTP (Open Mobile Terminal Platform), a mobile industry body.

The micro-USB charger will also be compatible with future mobile phones that utilize the USB 3.0 micro-USB receptacle, which has an additional area for SuperSpeed USB signaling.

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