Razer Lycosa Keyboard Defective; Replace Yours

From Tom's Hardware: Shortly after the launch of the Razer Lycosa gaming keyboard, buyers started to express concern over the functionality of their newly purchased units in the Razer support forums and on many other open technical support forums. Purchasers were complaining that their Lycosa boards were acting erratically in one way or another, but there was definitely a common trend.

Key backlighting was not consistent across the entire board with the light being bright on one side and progressively getting dimmer towards the other end of the keyboard.

Keys would appear to become ‘stuck’ and repeat for no apparent reason, or the complete opposite, keys would not repeat at all if you held them down.

And the most common issue was the touch sensitive pad at the top right-hand side of the keyboard where you could control media functions such as volume up/down, play/stop, backlighting control and keyboard mode switching. The touch sensitive pad would act very erratically and not operate correctly--sometimes not responding and in other cases doing the wrong function. At times, the pad would even respond on its own and decide to switch modes for no apparent reason. Another example is that everything would appear normal until you touched the pad, then you were greeted with endless instances of Windows Media Player launching.

Razer has acknowledged that there indeed is a problem with early production models that fall into certain serial number ranges and it has posted the range of serial numbers affected on its website along with a form for customers to fill out along with an explanation of symptoms.

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