Twitter search gains prominence, importance

From CNET Twitter is working to convert its popularity into a business, and Google has shown that search can make money. So it's notable that Twitter is giving its search function new prominence.

Rather than consigning its Twitter search page to a separate corner of its Web site, Twitter has begun testing its use on the main page. "We've placed Search and Trends into the signed-in home pages of a limited set of accounts to get a better sense of how it works for folks before we release the feature completely into the wild," Twitter co-founder Biz Stone said Wednesday in a blog posting.
Twitter has begun testing search from its home page.

Twitter has begun testing search from its home page.
(Credit: Twitter)

Google has taken measures to make its search technology more responsive, with the Google News entries mixed into search results and the index able to include new sites within hours of their arrival. But Twitter search, while vastly more limited, is nevertheless a strong reflection of what people collectively find interesting in the moment. That, in turn, could be a nice avenue for advertisers trying to catch the latest trends.

Search guru Danny Sullivan likes what he sees, concluding that Twitter actually has something the big search engines lack, even if it's not enough to slay the rivals.

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