Asustek to Make Google Android Netbook, Says Report

From PC World: Google's Android OS continues to extend its tentacles deeper into Microsoft territory. Two weeks ago Archos announced plans to roll out an Android-based tablet phone later this year, and now netbook-pioneer Asustek says it may install Android on an upcoming, low-cost notebook.

According to a Bloomberg report, Samson Hu, who manages Asustek's successful Asus Eee PC business, says his company has engineers working on an Android-based portable, which may ship by the end of the year. The project isn't a done deal, however, and Asustek apparently is still deciding whether to move forward with the mini-note.

Let's hope that Asustek green-lights the thing. Certainly, the cost benefits of using Google's free, Linux-based operating system are very apparent to a vendor of low-cost netbooks. And Android plays well with low-power, inexpensive processors used in the Eee series. For consumers, a strong competitor to Microsoft is always a good thing. Besides, Android looks promising. It's intuitive and easy to navigate on the T-Mobile G1 smart phone, although it remains to be seen how well Android translates from phone to tablet and netbook.

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