Leaked Image Believed to be New Mac Mini

From DailyTech: The lowest priced computer in the Apple lineup is also the smallest Mac in the line and it's called the Mac mini. The mini looks much like a thicker Apple TV and crams all the Mac goodness that a person looking for inside the tiny case.

The Mac mini has been living on borrowed time for a while with rumors that it would be discontinued floating around last year only to be replaced by rumors that the little machine would be updated soon. What is known at this point is that the Mac mini has been unchanged since its last update nearly two years ago in 2007.

A new image is making rounds of the Mac fan sites today that is reportedly of the rear panel of a rumored new Mac mini. Apple Insider reports that the image is the second it has seen so far that shows a mini that matches the specifications reported before. Namely, the picture shows five USB ports, mini DisplayPort and mini DVI connectors among other features.

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