Google Looks for New Employees Amid Layoffs

From DailyTech: Last week, Google announced it would be shedding about 200 workers from its marketing and sales pool. The reason cited for cutting the jobs was that the positions overlapped with other jobs within the company and created a burden on decision making.

This wasn't the first round of layoffs to come from Google, and may not be the last before the economy improves. Despite the layoffs last week, Google is still looking to fill some positions within the company. Ironically, among the positions still available are for sales and marketing positions like the ones eliminated in the last round of layoffs.

Reuters reports that about 360 positions are available within Google right now, with about half of that number here in America. Other positions are for Google locations around the world with some spots in locations like Ireland and Australia.

Google Spokesman Matt Furman told Reuters, "Overlapping organizations in one part of the company, doesn't affect the limited need for more people in another part of the company."

Reuters reports that Google has significantly slowed its hiring in the last few quarters as cost controlling became a priority. Google added fewer than 100 new jobs in Q4 whereas it was previously growing at between 400 and 2,000 workers per quarter over the last few years.

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