Ad Wars: Apple Fights Back With Four "Get a Mac" Commercials

From DailyTech: The roots of the "Ad wars" began years ago when Apple first launched a smarmy commercial spot -- the first "Get a Mac" commercial, which depicted Windows PCs as inept and ineffectual, a message made especially insulting given that many interpreted the PC character as a caricature of Microsoft founder Bill Gates. After a few years of ad beatings, Microsoft decided to respond in like with its laptop hunter commercials, which featured normal Joes and Janes eschewing Macs due to their high prices, in favor of bargain PCs (and often making snide comments about Macs in the process).

The ads were certainly effective in stirring up the internet tech community and they officially kicked off what can only be described as "ad wars". Now, on heels of criticism of the Microsoft commercials by an Apple spokesperson and pro-Apple blogger, Apple has launched its own counterstrike against Microsoft, airing four new "Get a Mac" commercials.

The commercials feature the tried and true odd couple of John Hodgeman and Justin Long. The banter is as witty as ever, if a bit vague and factually inaccurate.

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