Report: Intel SSD Price Cut on April 26

From Tom's Hardware: With no mechanical moving parts, no spinning platters, and just really fast flash memory, a SSD is likely the best upgrade that you can perform on your rig due to the storage subsystem being the slowest part of the typical computer system.

The majority of your responses pointed squarely at the high price of SSDs as being the main reason why most of you have yet to take the plunge. It’s certainly understandable, with 1 TB HDDs priced at sub-$100 points, who would want to pay hundreds more for just a fraction of the capacity?

Thankfully, prices are falling, though probably not fast enough for it to be the way we’d like it. Undoubtedly, our pick of the SSD litter are the Intel X-25 line as they are the fastest both for the enthusiast and the enterprise user. Sadly, their premium performance also comes at a premium price, being the most expensive SSD solution out right now.

Hopefully VR-Zone is correct, then, as it reports that Intel will next week be cutting the prices of its SSDs. According to the website: “Intel 80GB X18-M and X25-M will see their prices dropped from $385 to $335 while 160GB versions will be lowered from $760 to $660. However, the prices of the SLC models remain unchanged at $410 for 32GB and $790 for the 64GB.”

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