Facebook Users Approve New Terms of Service

From DailyTech: Facebook, which allowed users to vote in favor or against the new terms of service (TOS) agreement on the site, will adopt the new changes even though the vote count wasn't very high.

Of the 200 million regular users on Facebook, around 666,000 users voted over the past seven days, with 75 percent of voters supporting the TOS modifications. Facebook originally wanted 60 million total votes, but realized that wouldn't be feasible.

Even though the overall turnout was rather low, it's a step in the right direction -- Facebook and other online services could greatly benefit, and reduce controversy, when they open up public votes like this one.

"We are hopeful that there will be greater participation in future votes," Facebook legal chief Ted Ullyot said in a statement.

Before the new TOS is implemented, however, an outside auditor is verifying the vote results. It's likely the new TOS will be adopted in the coming weeks, once the auditor has confirmed the vote results for Facebook.

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