HP Readies New MediaSmart LX195 Home Server

From DailyTech: When Windows Home Server launched, it was aimed at the home user who wanted a platform to serve media to different connected devices around the home and as a central location for data backups from networked computers. That all sounds good in theory, but so far home servers have not turned into a big segment.

HP was one of the early computer makers to introduced computers running WindowsHome Server and already offers the HP MediaSmart Server EX485 and the MediaSmart Server EX487 selling for about $550 and $700 respectively.

HP is set to round out its MediaSmart Server line with the coming introduction of a new, lower cost MediaSmart server called the LX195. Engadget reports some specifics on the LX195 to go along with some images leaked earlier this month. The LX195 uses a single 640GB internal SATA drive, which is a bit small if you have lots of HD content to store. You can connect external storage though via the quartet of USB ports on the rear of the machine.

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