Twitter's integrated search now live for all users

From CNET Twitter's post-purchase integration of Summize is now complete. On Thursday the company added the on-page search tool to every user's Twitter home page after having flipped it on for select users during the past two months.

Below the new search box, which sits in the middle-right hand section of the page, are terms that are trending on the service. The search tool also lets users save queries for later use, something that was previously only available on desktop Twitter clients or by bookmarking queries in your browser.

One big difference from Twitter's standalone search page (which still exists), is that results are presented just like normal tweets, replies, and direct messages, and contained within the boundaries of where users are have been trained to look. With the recent addition of the advertising space in the top right-hand corner, this presentation style could lead to that area being dedicated to real advertisements that third party companies have paid for. The company has already done this on the Japanese version of its service, but has yet to do on other localizations.

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