Windows 7 Gets Dose of High Octane...Wallpapers

From Tom's Hardware: Those who have already gotten their hands on Windows 7 will notice several things that are different. For one, Microsoft has been more transparent than ever in its development process. That could be due to the change in how people use the internet these days as compared to Windows Vista.

One thing is for sure though, and that is that Windows 7 feels more geared towards the user experience than ever. Microsoft feels that part of that has to do with the operating system’s personality; and while the company has never been one filled with character (at least compared to some of its competitors), it has gone to lengths to make Windows 7 feel more inviting.

How did Microsoft start by making Windows 7 different? Wallpapers.

“When folks send us screenshots using the feedback button, we are regularly inspired by the rich diversity and personality of the wallpapers that people choose,” read an entry from the Engineering Windows 7 blog, written by Denise Trabona and Samuel Moreau. “We wanted to stretch into some new content that felt unique, timely, and with a distinct point of view. Our goal was content that balanced the timelessness of great photography with graphical illustrations that are energetic, modern, and fresh.”

“Inspired by our neighbors in Zune, we worked with an agency called 72 and Sunny to search for illustrators around the world to create one-of-a-kind art work for you to have in Windows 7,” the blog continued. “Finally, we wanted to recognize the global audience of Windows by seeking out illustrators with varied backgrounds and styles with the intention of representing and appealing to people all around the world.”

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