Amazon Makes 9.7-inch Kindle DX Official

From CNET has been making news with its Kindle reader since the original debuted last year. The device has a nice screen and a free 3G connection that allowed users to download books without a PC very quickly.

A few months back, announced the follow-up to the original Kindle called the Kindle 2. DailyTech reported yesterday that Amazon was set to launch another new Kindle with a larger screen aimed at allowing users to more easily read newspapers and magazines. The two previous kindles were optimized for reading novels.

Today marks the launch of the new Kindle DX with a larger screen and other new features for digital reader fans to enjoy. Consumers who only recently purchased the Kindle 2 have to be angry right now. Amazon says that newspapers have been the best seller on the Kindle Store by far, so a larger screen device optimized for newspapers makes sense.

Amazon reports that over the summer three newspapers including The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Boston Globe will be trialing low price, long-term subscriptions on the new Kindle DX. The NYT says that the Kindle DX will be offered to subscribers in areas where deliver of the print paper is not available, but doesn’t elaborate on the plan.

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