Microsoft files for debt offering

From CNET Microsoft on Monday filed to issue debt that could see the company raising billions in additional capital.
The filing, which was made with the Securities and Exchange Commission, doesn't specify an amount to be raised.

In September, Microsoft's board authorized the company to issue up to $6 billion in debt. It has already issued $2 billion in short-term debt, known as commercial paper. Given that, Microsoft could potentially issue $4 billion as part of the new debt offering, which is structured as a three-part offering, with varying maturity dates.

The company did not specifically say what it would do with the money, offering a boilerplate statement that it would use the money "for general corporate purposes, which may include funding for working capital, capital expenditures, repurchases of our capital stock and acquisitions."
Microsoft declined to comment in more detail on how it would use the money.

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