LG, Samsung Set to Storm Onto OLED Market with 14", 15", 31" Displays

From DailyTech: OLED technology has been hailed for a couple years now as the future of digital display. OLED and its various derivatives have managed to live up to some of this hype in the mobile electronics market, but in the TV and display market they remain a rare and seldom seen species. In fact, to date only one manufacturer -- Sony -- has launched an OLED TV. And Sony's 11-inch XEL1 was a wallet-breaker priced at $2,500.

Now LG is set to also jump into the nascent OLED market. It may also manage to steal the size crown from Sony, unleashing a 15" OLED set onto the market. The set will begin shipping in December, according to an interview with Won Kim, LG's VP of OLED sales and marketing.

The set is expected to match the capabilities of the prototype unit, first unveiled in January. The prototype sported a fancy 1,000,000:1 contrast (same as XEL1), a 1,366 x 768 pixel resolution (better than XEL1), and a 30,000-hour shelf life (much better than XEL1, which degrades after 1,000 hours). It is also expected to be ultra-thin (the XEL1 is just 3mm thin).

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