Google Voice App Comes to Blackberry, Android

From DailyTech: Google is steadily rolling out all sorts of new products and offerings and is doing well at turning itself from a search firm to a company that competes with Microsoft on many levels from software to email.

Google has been talking up its Chrome OS over the last few weeks and is set to combat Microsoft's Windows for market share in the netbook category. Google is also looking to fight a battle on the VOIP front against Skype with its Google Voice service. Google Voice is gaining some much-desired features, at least for Android users and Blackberry owners.

A new Google Voice application is available for the two platforms that adds features to make Google Voice more usable. The app allows users to make calls using their Google Voice number directly from their mobile phones. The call receiver will see the Google Voice number rather than the caller's mobile number. Any text messages sent will also be from the users Google Voice number.

The New York Times reports that before the new app was available, the only way for users to place calls from their Google Voice number was to type the numbers they wanted to call in rather than accessing the numbers form a contacts list. The app will also allow users to access voice mail and view message transcripts.

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