iPhone, Mac sales continue to propel Apple forward

From CNET News.com: Though iPod sales slipped, Apple rode increased Mac and iPhone sales to a better-than-expected quarter.

Revenue came in at $8.34 billion, resulting in earnings of $1.35 per share. That's a 12 percent increase from a year ago, when Apple reported earnings of $7.46 billion and earnings per share of $1.19.

Analysts were expecting $1.17 in earnings per share and revenues of $8.2 billion. The quarter ended June 27 was the best nonholiday quarter in terms of revenue and earnings for Apple--a bar that had been newly set during the previous quarter.

Apple also beat most analysts' expectations of its unit sales in its core businesses for the quarter. The company sold 2.6 million Macs, up 4 percent from a year ago, and 5.2 million iPhones, a 626 percent leap from a year ago. And even though the company's 10.2 million iPods sold during the quarter was better than expected, it's also Apple's first yearly drop in iPod sales, declining 7 percent.

Mac sales were very impressive for the quarter. Data provided by market research firm IDC showed the entire PC industry down more than 3 percent for April, May, and June, but Apple sold 4 percent more computers this quarter than it did during the same quarter in 2008. The company's laptops were responsible for that surge: MacBook and MacBook Pro shipments were up 13 percent.

Apple confirmed that much of that came late in the quarter after it transitioned to calling all of its unibody laptops MacBook Pros and cut prices across the board.

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