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In the beginning of this review, I set out to answer three questions. Does the 1MORE SonoFlow sound good? Does its active noise canceling actually work? How is the build quality of these headphones? Starting with the first question, I would say the 1MORE SonoFlow sounds appropriate for the class. It is bass-boosted, characteristic of ANC headphones, with acceptable overall sound quality that would neither impress nor disappoint. On the second question, the SonoFlow's active noise canceling worked well enough to cancel out low frequency noise, which will be good for using on public transit or the plane. There was also good passive noise blocking with minimal sound leakage. For the third question, the 1MORE SonoFlow's construction with an internal steel frame feels solid. The clean design looks good, too. Its commonsense controls use quality buttons, along with these headphones' light weight and reasonable clamp pressure, makes them a pleasure to use as a daily driver. I also like how the SonoFlow is collapsible to a relatively flat form and fits inside a nice included zipper case for easy traveling. In addition to the above, I would also point out the 1MORE SonoFlow features awesome battery life, which I tested to be just over 60 hours with ANC on, fast charging via USB Type-C, LDAC support for Android devices, and excellent and consistent wireless range. For areas of improvement, I will start with the microphone. It was a bit of a mixed bag -- it sounded clear and worked surprisingly well in windy conditions, but voices came through sibilant and unnatural. The soundstage of the 1MORE SonoFlow was narrow with no significant depth, perception, and direction and should be improved upon. Lastly, I am not a fan of the 2.5mm input jack. Having a 3.5mm input jack will make more sense. With all these in mind, for about $80 at press time, the 1MORE SonoFlow offers a lot of bang for the buck. It is loaded with features and delivers much more than expected for the price, so if you are looking for a set of good looking and comfortable headphones that work well for your daily commute, the 1MORE SonoFlow is a respectable choice.

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The 1MORE SonoFlow Bluetooth wireless headphones deliver acceptable sound, active noise canceling, and super battery life all in a well-built and lightweight package.

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