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1STPLAYER Fire Dancing K8 Review

By: Jadon Lee
January 17, 2020

I was recently reminded about the idea of three-in-one shampoo. This idea sounded great, but the majority of my friends seemed to be grossed out by the idea. Personally, I did not care very much about the product, but I found the conversation very interesting. There were many valid arguments on both sides. Some examples of the arguments were, “if it is good enough to clean my head, it is good enough to clean the rest of me”, “hair and skin are very different things”, and “better than showering with dish soap”. As you can tell from these statements, this was a very serious conversation. Taking three-in-one shampoo into consideration, what are some other things that serve more than one purpose? Today, 1STPLAYER has sent us a unit of their Fire Dancing K8 kit. This keyboard and mouse combination claims to be a gaming or office keyboard and mouse set. Likewise to hair and skin, gaming and office work are two very different things. The advertisement for this kit states it can meet the harsh demand of esports arenas, icafes, and offices with ease and skill. I am not quite sure what it means by meet the harsh demands, but I know one way to find out whether or not it can serve both purposes of gaming and office work, and that is through simply using it. Can this package perform in gaming and office work? Keep reading to find out!

This review unit of the 1STPLAYER Fire Dancing K8 kit came in a rectangular box covered in tape with the 1STPLAYER logo all over it from Guangzhou, Guangdong, China. This packaged traveled with China Post and their ePacket delivery service and was transferred to Canada Post as it crossed the ocean to us here in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The package itself arrived packed very tightly and securely. Inside was the box containing the keyboard and mouse, which had a fold on the top of the box due to how tightly packaged the box was.

The box design for the 1STPLAYER Fire Dancing K8 kit is mostly black with white and red accents. An image of the keyboard and mouse displays the keyboard and mouse as well as some specifications, taking up approximately 70% of the front of the box. The other 30% proudly displays the name of the package, being the Fire Dancing K8 Kit. The sides of the box display that it is a gaming kit. The back of the box shows the keyboard layout, which seems to be using the ISO layout.

Before we continue, here are the specifications for the 1STPLAYER Fire Dancing K8, as found on the box:

6-Key Rollover Function
Rainbow Back Light
Dedicated Media Keys
Semi-Suspended Keycap
Fuel Injection Laser Engraving Font
Splash Proof

2400 DPI Resolution
Gaming-Level Photoelectric Engine Chip
Ergonomic Design
4 Level DPI Setting

Out of the box, we have the keyboard and mouse easily accessible with their cords tucked away underneath some cardboard. Underneath the keyboard and mouse was the manual, which has some information about how to get set up; mainly plugging it in via USB. The packaging of this kit is very simple and does the job decently. The keyboard and mouse sustained no damage, so I have no complaints about the delivery of the product.

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