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When I reviewed the original Audioengine A2+ almost six year ago here at APH Networks, I said they were an "incredible; bar none" pair of speakers. Six years later, I am just as impressed with the updated version. Yes, they are fundamentally the same thing; the A2+ Wireless, as its name suggests, adds wireless capabilities thanks to a chip upgrade from Texas Instruments' PCM2704C to Qualcomm's CSR8670 SoC. But time does not erase what is intrinsically good. The Audioengine A2+ Wireless simply sounds amazing for its size and price even in 2020, and now featuring Bluetooth 5.0 with aptX low latency, aptX, and AAC in addition to the standard USB, 3.5mm, RCA wired inputs, these speakers really is everything you have ever wanted. One thing I am particularly impressed by the A2+ Wireless other than its sound quality is the quality of the paint on its otherwise classical, inoffensive enclosure design. Seriously, you have to buy the Hi-Gloss Red version. The finish is exceptional. I also like the fact it has an internal antenna rather than an external antenna like past Audioengine products. There are a few things I believe the company can improve upon though. First, allowing the user to manually select the input source rather than mixing on the analog side or auto-selecting on the digital side will be a much better design. Secondly, I am still not a fan of having the volume control on the back. Thirdly, include a better cable that connects the left and right speakers. Lastly, this may be a bit trivial, but giving it a USB Type-C connector is more appropriate in 2020. With all these in mind, the Audioengine A2+ Wireless remains to be one of the best computer speakers in the market today for about $270. Pick up a subwoofer of your choice and rock out to your music like never before.

Atlantia provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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The Audioengine A2+ Wireless remains to be one of the best computer speakers in the market today for the price like its predecessor, now with Bluetooth 5.0 and available in the awesome Hi-Gloss Red finish.

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