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It has been quite funny how I have been mostly reviewing fans lately these past few months. It is really interesting to see the differences of performance between each fan I review. As with all fans I write about, I am usually pleasantly surprised or disappointed. In this case, I was very pleasantly surprised by the Cooler Master Mobius 120 OC, as it delivered in many different ways. The fan shares a similar appearance to its predecessors with a black frame and dark blue blades, but seems to have some additional fan blades for a total of nine. Once again, Cooler Master utilizes their Ring Blade Design to better eliminate vibration. Looks aside, where these fans really shine is their performance. Our tests revealed the Mobius 120 OC executed our tests with exceptionally good air movement characteristics observed. Furthermore, they kept a decent noise output while doing so. For having capped RPMs that scale from 1500 to 3200, the noise was absolutely passable as you can adjust the maximum speed of the fan using the fan speed toggle. While I would like to say this is the perfect fan in terms of performance and function, there are areas where this fan falls short. The most notable issue is the cable length of 300mm. This cable is functional at 300mm, but I can foresee problems in application; particularly, it may be difficult to route cables in some larger cases. I would not say this issue is a deal breaker for me, but the occasional buyer may consider other products because of this. Currently, the Cooler Master Mobius 120 OC comes as a single fan for $40 USD. These prices are acceptable for the performance you are getting, but do sit at the higher end. If you want something that looks typical and has more than excellent performance, the Cooler Master Mobius OC is definitely an excellent option.

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The Cooler Master Mobius 120 OC is a computer cooling fan that looks ordinary at first, but offers different levels of performance, each being astonishingly good.

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