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In the technology world, innovation can come in two ways: One is to push the performance envelope regardless of price, while the other is to drive down the price at the expense of performance. Of course, we usually do not see items on the extreme ends of the scale, because even if performance is the main objective, price is still in the picture; and if price is the main objective, it does not mean performance is not a constraint. As such, if we were to plot performance as a function of price as a multi-objective optimization problem and create a Pareto front for the Crucial MX100 256GB, even if you have no interest in optimization theory, it is easy to see it being scaled towards the price axis. But how much? For about $110 at press time, the MX100 256GB works out to be about $0.43 per gigabyte. Depending on where you live, and which retailer you are shopping at, this is really close to the OCZ ARC 100 240GB and SanDisk Ultra II 240GB. On the performance end of the spectrum, the Crucial MX100 256GB is actually pretty good for a mainstream drive, too. It is equipped with Micron's latest 16nm MLC flash chips, and delivers fast sequential read speeds. Heck, it even features Microsoft eDrive support! While it does not deliver particularly fast write speeds or high input/output operations per second, if you are just looking for something that makes your PC boot faster and programs load quicker for everyday use, it looks like it has finally dawned upon us the day that we can finally equip every mainstream computer with a good performing SSD. And on this note, to close off my last review for 2014, let me just wish you, my dear reader, a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Crucial provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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The Crucial MX100 256GB drives innovation in the solid state drive market by delivering a competitively priced drive with still good performance for the mainstream user.

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