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FSP CUT593A Review

By: Ben Joubert
May 17, 2024

"You just have to think outside the box," I was told by a friend of mine when I was sharing my workplace woes and some of the challenges I was facing. "Well, I am not sure if I have a box like that," I responded. I can be an incredibly rigid thinker at times. I form habits and routines of how to complete certain tasks or accomplish certain goals, and I find it a particular challenge to think outside of those boxes. The boxes of thought I have provided clear guidelines and steps to move forward in whatever process is before me, but this can be a debilitating negative attribute. A silly example I have is whenever I go to a fast food restaurant, I am stuck in thinking only about getting a combo. There was no reality in my world that you do not have to get fries and a drink with your burger. For some reason, the box I had with fast food was, "you always get a combo." This is an expensive and silly way of thinking. It takes an enormous amount of focus to begin to notice the many ways I have created boxes around particular tasks. At work, I have a weekly program to run, where it is surprisingly easy to stick to a few processes or structures that work. I think this is true in many different areas of work, even in design. There are certain boxes of thinking that create a shared expectation of what something should be. In the technology world, when we talk about computer cases, we all have a pretty good idea of what we will find, which is generally a rectangular box with two side panels and a variety of standard features. Today, we have the FSP CUT593A, which is an E-ATX full tower case, meaning it is quite big. Does it perhaps boast a few unique features? Read on to find out.

The FSP CUT593A arrived in fairly good condition to us here in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It was shipped all the way from Chino, California, USA via UPS Standard, enduring a fairly long trip to get here. The box had a few bumps and bruises around the corners and edges. Otherwise, there was not much other damage.

As usual with cases, the shipping box is also the retail box. The front features a large front facing print of the case along with FSP's logo and model name. On the opposite side, there is a breakdown of the case, providing a clear picture of how the various side panels come apart. Specifications are located on one side.

Here are the specifications as obtained from the manufacturer's website:

Model Name: CUT593A
Type: E-ATX Ultra Tower
Color: Black/White
Materials: Tempered Glass x 1, 0.7mm SPCC
Dimension DxWxH (mm) / (inch): 500 x 230 x 544mm
Maximum CPU Cooler Height: 175mm
VGA Card Length: 400mm
Expansion Slots: 7
MotherBoard Support: E-ATX, ATX, Micro ATX, Mini-ITX
External I/O port: USB 3.0 x 2, Type-C Gen2, HD Audio
Power Supply Type: 200mm ATX
3.5“ HDD: 3(Share with SSD)
2.5" SSD: 4
Fan Including(Pre-installed): Front: 140mm ARGB x 3(no controller, need sync with MB)
Rear: 140mm ARGB x 1
Fan&Water Cooler Support: Front: 120/140mm x 3(Pre-installed)
Top: 120mm x 3 or 140mm x 2
Rear: 120/140mm x 1(Pre-installed)
Max Radiator Support: Front: 280/360mm
Top: 280/360mm

The contents of the case are standard. There are two large Styrofoam blocks on each side of the case to keep it steady in the box and prevent any damage during shipping. The case itself is also covered in a plastic wrap to spare it from other smaller scratches or damage. Inside of the case, we find a small cardboard box, which houses all the screws and installation accessories.

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