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The GAMDIAS AEOLUS M3-1204R for me is really an eye opener. It seemed like not many years ago, adding RGB LEDs to computer parts is a new trend in the computer industry. Nowadays, RGB LEDs are on almost everything you can find. As such, manufacturers have to be more innovative than simply slapping RGB LEDs on their products in order to get people to buy them. For the AEOLUS M3-1204R, it was an interesting choice by GAMDIAS to add a controller with a wireless remote to the package. The wireless remote allows the user to change things like fan speed and ARGB lighting settings without physically touching the computer. If you ask me if this is a nice feature, I would say yes, but if you ask me if it is necessary, my answer would be no. I think it is absolutely fine to just let the motherboard PWM to control the fan speed and to use the reset button to change the ARGB lighting effects if there is no ARGB header on your motherboard. Other than the remote control functions, I think this product is overall pretty good. The airflow and pressure performance are stronger points here and it should be able to provide good cooling performance. The build quality of these fans is also impressive with a sturdy frame, rubber padding in the corners, and a clean finish. For the ARGB lighting, thanks to the twelve LEDs behind the lighting ring, the overall lighting effect is attractive and the colors are vibrant. The noise level of AEOLUS M3-1204R scales with speed and does become quite audible at full RPMs. With the help of the controller, the RPM can be fine-tuned easily on-the-fly. I think the only thing I am not really a fan of is the use of the proprietary connector. This restricts users to use the AEOLUS control box only, which could be trouble if it ever goes wrong. In terms of pricing, the GAMDIAS AEOLUS M3-1204R carries an MSRP of $55 USD. This is actually very well-priced for four fans and a controller, and if you are really into the sleek design and the remote control is something you want, the GAMDIAS AEOLUS M3-1204R is a set of four fans with decent showing for both cooling and lighting.

GAMDIAS provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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The GAMDIAS AEOLUS M3-1204R are high performance fans with good airflow, fancy ARGB lighting effects, and even comes with a wireless remote control.

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