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All in all, there are a lot of things the Gigabyte Force M63 has done right. For one, build quality and design is exactly what I expect from a seasoned manufacturer like Gigabyte. The mixture of red and black in a sleek and small package make the Force M63 shine. In addition, the glowing LEDs from both the profile lights and the under glow just add to the gamer-ific look. Seeing other features like having custom weights, and a lengthy braided cable only add props to the mouse. The included software is easy to navigate and use. When it comes to functioning as a mouse, the Force M63 is pretty tight, especially in first-person shooter games. Recorded motions are controllable but quick. However, there are a few drawbacks I should mention. For one, outside of FPS games, the mouse drops from excellent to average. While it is still very much usable, the low weight and small size may make some users crave other, more rounded out, mice. This also translates into a bit more challenging when working in graphical applications like Photoshop. Some users may also want a mouse with a larger range of sensitivity, as there are many mice out there with up to 6500dpi tracking capabilities. This is not as big of a deal and may actually make working in imaging software more difficult, but it is something Gigabyte could consider. Finally, while the physical implementation is excellent, there are a few things they could work on. I would request Gigabyte to move the sniper button a bit closer to the thumb for easier access. I would also want a horizontal tilt wheel. While not too many mice have this, it is definitely a nice extra to include. Finally while the grips are well placed and feel good, the mouse may seem a bit small for some users, but experience may vary from user to user. At the time of review, the Gigabyte Force M63 may be difficult to find, but I was able to locate it online for around $50 USD. Even if this mouse is aimed at shooter games, its solid overall performance and ability for custom weights, lights, and buttons, make me want to quote Ben Obi-Wan Kenobi and tell you to "Use the Force [M63]".

Gigabyte provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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The Gigabyte Raptor, or Force M63, is one mouse that has clawed into contention with its admirable aesthetics and performance.

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