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For about two-thirds of the price of the Audioengine A2+, how good is the Kanto YU2? Personally, I think for the price the company wants for these speakers, it offers quite a bit of value for audiophiles on a budget looking to step up their desktop setup to something much more than your average Logitech. Before I round up what I think of the Kanto YU2's auditioning results, let me cover the physical characteristics of it first. I found Kanto quite daring, in a good way, to make the YU2 available in so many different colors. Its subtle exterior look is well accentuated by the wide palette available to the end user, creating a degree of visual flare otherwise not found with the A2+. It also features a reasonable array of inputs and outputs at the back, having a 3.5mm input for users like me with powerful external DACs, a built in USB DAC for those who just want to fire it up directly from their laptop, and a RCA subwoofer output, because you will need it. What I am not a big fan of, and I made this same complaint about the Audioengine A2+, is the unintuitive rear volume control. I will be very happy to make a small tradeoff in size for a front volume control knob. Now, the sound. To the discerning audiophile, its tuning characteristics and enclosure acoustics are definitely not the same as the A2+, but in a nutshell, they do ostensibly sound quite similar at first. However, the devil is in the details. Other than the overdriven bass, it is fair to say the Kanto YU2 produces good midrange and good treble with a reasonably wide soundstage, positive imaging characteristics, excellent precision, and clean output. But what is missing is, as I have alluded to in the beginning of this review, is it does not tingle a sense of passion that differentiates it from anything else is tested. It simply does not capture the essence and spirit of the music like the Audioengine A2+ does. Of course, you may argue this is subjective even by subjective standards, and I agree with you. To quantify the results, I have to say it is missing the wide, full spectrum, warmly saturated midrange the A2+ is able to provide. At the end of the day, I am just being picky, as the Kanto YU2 are fine speakers. If cash is not a concern, and you are looking for the best experience $250 can get you, stick with the Audioengine A2+. If you are looking for a set of high performing desktop speakers for about $170 at press time, the Kanto YU2 delivers on the money.

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If the Audioengine A2+ is the best of the best in the game of desktop speakers, the Kanto YU2 plays in the same league for a lot less money.

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