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If Maono is trying to lead, guide, and direct the industry with an attainable set of wireless lavalier microphones, then the WM620 is solid starting place. Priced around $50, depending on the color chosen, this product offers a wealth of features that justify its cost. Each set includes color-matched lavalier microphones with a receiver, all neatly packaged in a carrying case. The microphones feature multiple inputs and attachment options for body anchoring. I appreciate their versatility, as each unit can also serve as a receiver with a wired 3.5mm input. The WM620 is equipped with numerous indicator lights for power, connection status, and different operating modes. It supports individual or simultaneous charging of modules within the case connected via USB Type-C. The receiver includes additional features like status indicators, a four-position gain switch, 3.5mm headphone monitoring jack, and USB Type-C passthrough charging. The setup impresses with a straightforward plug-and-play setup, excellent wireless range, and commendable battery life. In terms of performance, the Maono WM620 excels in capturing natural voice tones while effectively reducing handling noise. However, its reverb effect and noise cancellation modes may impart an artificial quality to the voice. A notable limitation is its single-channel recording for both microphone units, which limits post-production flexibility. Additionally, the WM620 struggled with instrument recordings, showing distortion with louder inputs. Overall, despite its drawbacks, the Maono WM620 remains a capable device at an accessible price point, ideal for convenient on-the-go audio recording.

Maono provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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The Maono WM620 wireless lavalier microphone is a great starting point for mobile audio recording at an affordable price.

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