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After making countless trips back and forth between the kitchen table and the dealership to shop for a car to replace my 2002 Corolla, there were still much to consider. Each Toyota with its own desirable unique features that would not be available in the other, and as such, no affirmative decision was made. Luckily, XTracGear has not presented us with countless upgrades and features, and left it up to us to choose between them. The Ripper was created with mousepad users in mind to present a product that is right for them. Inclusively, the Ripper has really impressed me with its functionality, and also how it looks. Aesthetically, it is sleek, with an all-black clothing surface with its company logo, name, and website printed in white for clear contrast. Despite it being larger in size, it is still that reliable and practical mousepad that you can roll and take with you on the go. In terms of the four metrics of measurements used, we could clearly see that it provides the functions of a basic mousepad, with bonuses such as grip that holds onto your table instead of moving with the user’s hand. It also provides precise control under the mouse with its larger smooth cloth surface. Something I would like to see perhaps in the near future would be a step up in thickness of the padding. This is because of the direct correlation between the thickness of the padding and the comfort of the user, along with a full precise control of the mouse. With a MSRP of $21.95 on XTracGear's website and found at around $14 USD at press time, if you are looking for something with effortless glide and precise control with a larger gripped mousing surface, then the Ripper is for you. If you are looking for something bigger, look out for the Ripper XXL (2014) review!

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If I were to write a slogan like I would for a car, it will have to be this: Ripper. Designed for precision. Controlled by you. Engineered to stay.

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