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It is interesting that some people who are really into computer hardware and electronic devices are also car enthusiasts. Our Editor-in-Chief, Jonathan Kwan, is one example. Although he has a pretty nice mid-size sedan as his daily driver, that does not stop him from checking out new cars just for reference for future car purchasing. There are three cars he is particularly interested in: The BMW 340i xDrive, Mercedes-AMG C43, and Lexus IS350. Both the BMW 340i xDrive and the Mercedes-AMG C43 are turbocharged, therefore they have tremendous acceleration performance. As a non-turbocharged car, the Lexus IS350 has nice naturally aspirated engine sound, and a set of incredible leather bucket seats in my opinion. After test driving them all, I think he likes the Mercedes-AMG C43 the most, because it has the power and torque to have the fastest acceleration among other choices; and in terms of interior quality, the Mercedes-AMG C43 is also the best. Another nice feature of the Mercedes-AMG C43 is the majority of the car's chassis is made out of aluminum, which has the best combination of weight, strength, and corrosion resistance. However, different people have different opinions; I personally like steel and iron instead of aluminum. I guess this is why I enjoyed watching those Chevrolet commercial videos about their steel trucks versus all-aluminum Ford trucks. For a computer case company, it is important to use as many materials they as can find to make cases: Steel, plastic, aluminum, and even glass to satisfy different customers. The majority of today’s review unit, the In Win 303, is made out of exclusively steel and glass. Yes, this sounds like it would be my choice of computer case. Can it make me a satisfied customer? Let us find out.

Oracle tries playing nice with Java EE rebels

From InfoWorld: With Oracle now trying to get back on track with advancing enterprise Java, the company is seeking rapprochement with factions that had sought to advance the platform on their own. The two groups involved are mostly amenable to patching up the relationship.

Apple's Echo competitor reportedly enters prototype phase, complete with cameras

From CNET: Apple's long-rumored answer to the Amazon Echo smart speaker is now being tested in secret in the homes of Apple engineers, according to a report this morning from Bloomberg. The report, which cites sources familiar with the matter, also says that the device includes built-in cameras capable of distinguishing between users and even detecting their emotions, which would corroborate a CNET report from this past May.

Most Galaxy Note7 users stick with Samsung after recall

From PC World: Samsung Electronics may have some comfort after its debacle with faulty batteries in the Galaxy Note7 smartphone.

The South Korean company reported Thursday that about 500,000 devices, or half of the recalled Galaxy Note7 phones sold in the U.S., have been exchanged through its program.

Yahoo hit in worst hack ever, 500 million accounts swiped

From CNET: Hackers swiped personal information associated with at least a half billion Yahoo accounts, the internet giant said Thursday, marking the biggest data breach in history.

The hack, which took place in 2014, revealed names, email addresses, phone numbers, birth dates and, in some cases, security questions and answers, Yahoo said in a press release. Encrypted passwords, which are jumbled so only a person with the right passcode can read them, were also taken.

Samsung releases the world’s fastest gumstick SSD

From InfoWorld: Samsung on Wednesday released two of its highest-capacity SSDs for consumers. The drives are based on the M.2 "gumstick" form factor, which is quickly being adopted in the latest ultra-thin notebooks and PCs.

The new 960 Pro and 960 EVO SSDs are based on the ever-more popular non-volatile memory express (NVMe) specification and Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIe) Gen.3 x4 lane motherboard interface.

Yahoo expected to confirm hack of 200M users, report says

From CNET: Yahoo is expected to confirm a massive hack that affected hundreds of millions of its users.

On August 1, a hacker named "Peace" claimed to have breached 200 million Yahoo usernames and passwords, and offered to sell them on the dark web, after trying to do the same with MySpace and LinkedIn accounts.

When the incident was first revealed, Yahoo said its security team was investigating the hacker's claims. Nearly two months later, the company will reportedly confirm that it was hacked in a "widespread and serious" leak, according to Recode.

A Cisco-Salesforce deal means collaboration will come to you

From PC World: The hardest thing about adopting an enterprise collaboration platform can be adoption itself – getting employees to actually start up the new software and then turn to it whenever they need to communicate.

Putting the software inside something that workers already use is one way to drive adoption and also make the communication tools more valuable. Cisco Systems knows this, and on Thursday the company announced a strategic alliance with Salesforce, its second big partnership in that direction after its headline-grabbing Apple iOS integration.

Blizzard doing away with name

From CNET:, one of the most recognizable names in gaming, is going away. Blizzard announced today that it is starting the process of "transitioning away" from using that name for its gaming services. The name has been used for years, all the way back to the original Diablo.


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