Kingston HyperX Savage HX324C11SRK2/16 2x8GB Review (Page 1 of 10)

Nowadays, prescription eyeglasses only does it serve the practical purpose of letting you see clearly, but it is also a fashion accessory that affects the way you look. However, I would like to make the assertion that, unless you make a drastic change in the type and shape of frame you wear, not many people will notice it when you get new ones. Recently, I got a new pair of glasses, and most people did not even realize until I told them about it. On the day I received them, I asked my dad if I looked any different. "Did you get a haircut?", my dad replied. Two days later, I met up with a friend, and I asked her the same question. Ironically, her first reaction was the same as my dad. (Just in case you are wondering, I did not get a haircut.) Later on, in a conversation with another friend, she explained how it looked almost the same as my last pair -- "semi thick metal frames, similar shaped lens". But was it really similar? I went from something that was half frame to full frame with clearly bigger lens, but that is beside the point. Unless I start wearing those hipster big thick acetate frames that is making a comeback from the 1980s, most people will easily overlook the differences in light of the similarities. I think the same goes for the RAM in your computer. They serve an important function and purpose in your computer, but unless you lack capacity or take them out altogether, most people will not notice it from one model to the next. But for those who do pay attention, and chances are you are one of them, you can definitely tell the difference once you put them through the tests. Today, we will take a look at the HyperX Savage HX324C11SRK2/16 2x8GB, the latest DDR3-2400 dual channel kit from Kingston's performance arm. How will it stack up? Let us dig in to the benchmarks to find out the distinguishing characteristics!

Blackberry reports falling revenue, but a smaller loss

From InfoWorld: BlackBerry's revenue continued its dive in the three months to Nov. 29, but on Friday the company reported a smaller loss than a year earlier.

Revenue for the three months, BlackBerry's third fiscal quarter, fell to $793 million, compared to $916 million in the preceding three months and $1.19 billion a year earlier.

Ubuntu Phone launch delayed until early 2015

From PC World: Earlier this year, I reported on the forthcoming release of Ubuntu phones. Ubuntu for phones had just hit “release to manufacturer” status and phones were supposed to launch before the end of 2014.

Bad news: The phones clearly won’t be here this year. But good news! Canonical told me they’ll be out in early 2015, after a slight delay to clean up some lingering interface and manufacturing snags.

Samsung ChatOn will be turned off in February

From CNET: Samsung told CNET today that ChatOn will be discontinued on 1 February 2015 everywhere except the US. It will then shut down in the US at an unconfirmed date soon after, with the delay due to "existing contractual obligations with US mobile carriers."

Samsung says the decision was made "as we strive to meet evolving consumer needs by focusing on our core services."

News Corp's Fox is Terrified of North Korea, Kills Upcoming Steve Carell Film

From DailyTech: Most of you probably know by now that the Sony Pictures and Entertainment (SPE) division of Japanese conglomerate Sony Corp. (TYO:6758) was bullied by North Korean hackers and was forced to ax the Seth Rogen comedy The Interview, a satirical film targeting North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. Now there's more bad news, as News Corp.'s (NWS) Fox reportedly has successfully pressured partner New Regency into dropping another film about North Korea, in an independent film starring north Korea.

LG readies webOS TVs with better performance, 4K content

From InfoWorld: LG Electronics' upcoming smart TVs will run an upgraded version of webOS that promises better performance and more customization.

The TVs will be launched at the International CES trade show in Las Vegas next month. The improvements on webOS 2.0 include better boot times and faster access to content. For example, when switching from the home screen to YouTube users will see an improvement in loading time of up to 70 percent, LG said, without revealing how many seconds it would take.

Microsoft stops offering alternative browsers to Windows users in Europe

From PC World: Microsoft has retired the browser choice screen it agreed to show new Windows users in the European Union as part of an antitrust settlement.

For five years it showed the screen to new Windows users in a 2009 settlement of an antitrust case in which the European Commission found it had exploited its dominant position in the operating system market to push its own Internet Explorer browser.

Intel to power two new 4G Lenovo smartphones in early 2015

From CNET: Intel is taking another step forward in its march toward mobile relevancy.

Jury Concludes DRM is Good, Apple Triumphs in "Billion Dollar" iTunes Case

From DailyTech: The so-called "Apple iPod iTunes Antitrust Litigation" class action lawsuit wrapped up this week at the U.S. District Court, for the Northern District of California (CAND-USC) with a major triumph for Apple, Inc. (AAPL), the defendant.

The case has been crawling through federal courts for nearly a decade, with a predecessor case filed in Jan. 2005. The lawsuit deals with Apple's use of a form of digital rights management (DRM) technology called "FairPlay". Apple claimed the technology protected musicians against copyright infringement.

Microsoft helps crack developer problems with Bing-based tool

From InfoWorld: Sometimes, even the best coders get stuck and need a little advice. Enter Bing Developer Assistant, designed to help Visual Studio developers take advantage of Microsoft's search engine to find tips on how to untangle thorny programming problems.


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