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V-MODA XS Review (Page 1 of 4)

Is there always a link between technical perfection, emotional desirability, and the choices we make in real life? As I have first proposed the concept of practical consideration versus emotional desirability in the SilverStone Strider Essential Gold ST70F-ESG 700W report in May of this year, and further explored in my often quoted Western Digital Red WD40EFRX 4TB review that came a month later, I would just like to propose a thematically similar, but slightly different perspective on this philosophical problem. The way I see it, just because something reaches technical perfection, and is emotionally desirable in almost every way, does not necessarily mean it will always beat out something else that is deemed vastly inferior in the same categories. From an engineering perspective, this simply does not make sense. But with real life often differing greatly from a set of equations we seen in the textbook, there are some examples we can draw from to see why this is indeed the situation. To expand upon this thought, there are many reasons why people will go for an inferior product. For some, it is for the perceived ease of attainment; for others, it may be brand loyalty. Whatever the reason may be, here is something to think about: If something is chosen even if it is not technically perfect nor emotionally desirable, how about something that is, indeed, technically perfect and emotionally desirable, and at the same time, affordable within reason? We took in the V-MODA XS on-ear headset to see if it really lives up to all the hype that has been rocking the audiophile world for the past few months.

Fractal Design Core 3300 Review (Page 1 of 4)

If you take a look at your family, you will find you look quite a bit like your fellow kin. Now, for those who have studied basic biology or anything related to the subject will know genetics plays a role in the features we have. Thus if two people are born from the same parents, they will share similar features. From eye and hair color, to attached and detached ear lobes, genetics affect how you and your descendants will look like. For example, I find it kind of odd when people tell me I look like my sister, despite the fact I know I look nothing like my sister. Yet I once saw a picture my friend took where both my sister and I had the exact same facial expression. It was eerily similar, especially since neither my sister nor I expected him to have taken that photograph. On the other hand, it is not just genes, as environmental factors play a big role, too. Whether it is the geographical location, diet, or the media you are exposed to, these all play a part in shaping your appearances. These factors may take a bit longer to create parallels, especially since it takes people time to adapt to their surroundings. However, you can make this observation with married couples after a few years of living together. Even though they may have no blood connection, they start looking more and more like each other, because they are living in the same environment and exposed to similar external factors. What does this have to do with our review of the Fractal Design Core 3300? Fractal Design's most popular case is probably the Define R4, especially with its clean looks and excellent features. So when Fractal Design refreshed their budget-end Core series, I could only wonder if there would be any similar features between this and the higher end Define R4. There was a lot to like about the Fractal Design R4, so can we expect the same thing from the Core 3300? Is there any family resemblance between these two Scandinavian cases? Let's read on to find out!

Nvidia unveils its all-new GeForce GTX 980 and GTX 970 graphics processors

From PC World: Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang loves a spectacle. So while you’re reading this sentence, the GPU-manufacturer’s founder is regaling thousands of gamers at a 24-hour gaming event the company is sponsoring in Los Angeles with the announcement of Nvidia’s latest graphics processor, code-named “Big Maxwell.”

Microsoft cuts 2,100 employees worldwide

From CNET: In round two of its previously announced planned layoff of 18,000, Microsoft is cutting another 2,100 people on September 18.

A Microsoft spokesperson confirmed the 2,100 figure, noting that 747 of those laid off will be in Washington state. The remaining cuts will be at other Microsoft locations worldwide, the spokesperson said.

Today's cuts will be across a variety of teams, as previously rumored. The Microsoft spokesperson declined to specify which teams would bear the brunt of the latest round of cuts.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 U.S. Pre-orders Start Sept 19, Launches Oct 14

From DailyTech: Earlier this month, Samsung announced two new phablet devices to an eager audience: the Galaxy Note 4 and the Galaxy Note Edge. Unfortunately, although Samsung provided us with a ton of images and specs for the new smartphones, the South Korean company didn’t mention a peep about pricing or an exact pre-order/launch date.

Today, we’re at least getting some info on when pre-orders and general availability will open for one of the new phablets: the Galaxy Note 4.

Cisco acquires OpenStack cloud provider

From InfoWorld: Cisco this week said it will acquire privately held Metacloud, an operator of private OpenStack clouds for global enterprises.

Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Metacloud offers an OpenStack-as-a-Service that remotely operates private clouds in a customer’s data center. Cisco says Metacloud will augment its strategy to build a global Intercloud, a network of clouds stitched together from Cisco and partner offerings to deliver a distributed platform to support the company’s Internet of Everything initiative.

Toshiba slashes struggling PC division to focus on business

From PC World: In another sign of the decline of the PC, Toshiba is cutting its PC workforce by about 900 people and sales bases by more than half.

The manufacturer said Thursday it will step up restructuring of its struggling consumer PC operations to focus on sales to business clients.

Toshiba will withdraw from certain consumer markets but it would not specify which ones. It said it will cut its sales bases around the world from 32 to 13 during its 2014 fiscal year, which ends March 31.

Amazon beats Google to the punch on .buy with $4.6M purchase

From CNET: Amazon has beaten Google in a bid to acquire the .buy top-level domain.

ICANN, the international Internet regulator, has awarded (PDF) Amazon the .buy domain after the company successfully outbid three other competitors in an auction. Amazon paid $4.6 million in an auction that ended on Wednesday. Google came in second place through its registry service, Charleston Road Registry. Google lost other auctions on .tech and .vip, as well.

Amazon Releases New and Refreshed Kindle Fire Tablets, Announces Fire OS 4

From DailyTech: Amazon has been busy on the mobile front, following the disappointing launch of the Fire Phone. The Fire Phone has been an absolute dud on the market, with AT&T (the exclusive carrier for the Fire Phone) already dropping the price of the entry-level model to 99 cents on contract.

With that said, Amazon has always had better luck with its tablets and e-readers, which is why the company is proud to announce two refreshed tablets and four all-new tablets under the “Kindle Fire” product family.


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