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Silicon Power Marvel M70 64GB Review (Page 1 of 8)

I usually get off school in the worst time possible: Rush hour. If you thought it could not get worse, think about cramming yourself into a bus with many other people you may or may not know, with no safety precautions. Annoying, right? Having to wait and take an extra thirty minutes in the bus just to get home, and once I get to my bus stop, you would think the pain ends there. Think again; there is an extra five to ten minute walk home. Indeed, having to spend extra time to complete a task you could do in half the time otherwise is infuriating. Technology that is improving day by day would make us assume transportation would be faster, right? But there is also a safety factor we have to include in that. Fortunately, it is easier to speed up processes in electronics. Remember when you had to wait like an hour to wait for a file to download or something? Well, now in today’s generation, we can transfer the same a fraction of the time, depending on the type of equipment you have. Now, there is a product I would like to share with you guys, the Silicon Power Marvel M70 64GB USB 3.0 flash drive. It is a new product that has just arrived in North America, and not to mention, on the packaging it says “Super High Speed”. People like me are in luck. With a lifetime warranty, Silicon Power created a USB flash drive to transfer our files quickly as well as safely to another computer or device. When I first got my hands on the product, I fell in love with its stylish metallic casing, which emphasized its speed and power. Let us see if the Silicon Power Marvel M70 64GB performs as well as it looks!

$250 Samsung Chromebook 2 has Intel CPU, fanless design, aluminum reinforcement

From PC World: Chromebooks aren’t crummy anymore. Samsung’s new Chromebook 2, announced Friday, joins a growing cadre of Chromebooks that aspire to more than being cheap. They have powerful CPUs, interesting features, and in the Samsung Chromebook 2’s case, an extra-sturdy chassis so it won’t get beaten up on the playground.

Google misses estimates in third quarter, announces new business chief

From CNET: Google's advertising machine rolls on, but not without its sputters.

The world's largest search engine on Thursday said sales rose 20 percent to $16.52 billion in the third quarter ended September 30. Profit, minus some costs, was $6.35 a share. Analysts were expecting sales of $16.59 billion and profit of $6.54 a share.

Sony Gets With the Program, Pledges to Update Entire Xperia Z Lineup to “Lollipop”

From DailyTech: Sony has come under fire recently for its decision to abandon updates for its smartphones that were little over a year old. For example, the Xperia L, which was released in May 2013 launched with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, but was only updated to Android 4.2. The Xperia M (released in August 2013) and the Xperia SP (released in April 2013) only got as far as Android 4.3, and never received an update to Android 4.4 KitKat.

Google's Nexus Player thrusts new Android TV platform into the war for your living room

From PC World: HTC and Motorola may have been tapped to make Google’s new mobile Nexus devices, but Nexus 7 veteran Asus wasn’t given the cold shoulder: It’s making the Nexus Player, a puck-like set-top box that signals Google’s renewed assault on the living room with Android TV.

Microsoft optimizes Skype for iPhone 6

From CNET: iPhone 6 users will be able to see more of Skype courtesy of the latest update to the mobile app.

Released Wednesday in Apple's App Store, Skype 5.6 for the iPhone offers an optimized and scaled interface for the larger-screened iPhones, Skype said in a blog post. Specifically, the new version displays more of your chats in chat mode and more of your messages in conversation mode.

Google Announces Android 5.0 “Lollipop”, Nexus 9 Tablet, and Nexus 6 “Phablet”

From DailyTech: Google is opening up the floodgates today with news releases; one of which is a new mobile operating system and two of which are new mobile hardware products. Together, all three products represent Google’s vision for the future of mobile computing.

Intel preps new technology to secure credit card transactions

From PC World: Swiping credit cards or using payment systems like Apple Pay at stores could become much safer thanks to a new Intel system, which could also make it easier for retailers to secure data after transactions are completed.

With security breaches and customer data theft on the rise, Intel has developed Data Protection Technology for Transactions, a hardware-software bundle designed to protect credit card and personal data from hackers when transactions are being authorized.

Qualcomm to buy British chipmaker CSR for $2.5B

From CNET: Hoping to capture some of the growth in the Internet of Things and automotive infotainment, wireless chips giant Qualcomm agreed Wednesday to buy British chipmaker CSR for $2.5 billion.

CSR, based in Cambridge, England, should help Qualcomm become a bigger player in portable audio, automotive and wearable devices thanks to its technologies focused around auto, voice, music and short-distance Bluetooth wireless connections. CSR has 2,130 employees in eleven countries and reported revenue of $960.7 million for its latest fiscal year.


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