Behind the Scenes

APH Networks is run by a dedicated team of people passionate for technology responsible for various areas. We have a long history dedicated to excellence in professional journalism. Whether it is writing the reviews or reports, updating the news section, or administrating the technical side of the site, the APH Networks team works hard to ensure that everything goes smoothly. This is current weekly schedule of APH Networks:

Monday-Friday (Excluding American public holidays) - Technology news is published every morning before 10:00AM UTC -7.
Thursday Evening - The standard due date for new article previews.
Friday - New regular articles (Reviews, reports, etc) are made official and public.
Saturday - New weekly poll is published.

The team consists of eight members:

Jonathan Kwan (chconline)

Title: Executive Director, Editor-in-Chief
Location: APH Networks Calgary

Jonathan Kwan is the Editor-in-Chief, Executive Director, and part of the Forum Experience Team at APH Networks. Otherwise known as "the chc", he is a computer and technology enthusiast "who does not like playing [video] games", a claimed to be not-so-hardcore audiophile, enthusiast photographer who is too poor to afford a lot of performance (Read: Expensive) lenses, and an automotive fan. He writes many of the published articles on APH Networks specializing in technology hardware equipment. Besides doing most of the administrative such as managing human resources and paying all the bills, his main job at APH Networks is to review products. That includes communicating with the readers, the manufacturers, and even working within the team to ensure everything is conducted to the standards of APH Networks. Jonathan has completed his BSc in Electrical Engineering at home in the Schulich School of Engineering (University of Calgary) specializing in wireless communications and signal processing. He has also worked as a 16-month wireless hardware design engineer intern at Dynastream Innovations, a fully owned subsidiary of Garmin International, with experience in PCB design, RF tuning, performance validation, and production/manufacturing support. He is currently doing his MSc in Electrical Engineering with research in wireless communications at University of Calgary.

Kenneth Kwok (shc-boomer)

Title: Senior Technical Editor (Vancouver)
Location: APH Networks Vancouver

Kenneth Kwok lives in Vancouver, BC. Being with the APH Networks team since the very beginning, and a close friend to "the chc", he is currently the Senior Technical Editor in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Kenneth wakes up every morning, and one of the first things he does is to check sources for interesting news articles, and posts them on APH Networks' front page. If he is not updating news on that day, he will need to check if APH Networks is updated to schedule. Kenneth collaborates with the rest of the team to ensure all front page articles are published in an efficient and timely fashion. Kenneth is an experienced writer, and writes a good share of computer hardware reviews around here. He also develops in-house web applications and programs for the website. He is currently pursuing his degree in Computer Science at the Simon Fraser University in British Columbia. During his free time, he is a self-proclaimed gamer, although not really that hardcore (In skills anyways).

Preston Yuen (prestonyuen)

Title: Senior Technical Editor (Calgary)
Location: APH Networks Calgary

Preston joined the APH Networks team in mid-2010 as a Technical Editor, specializing in reviewing various categories of computer hardware and consumer electronics. He currently works at the APH Networks Calgary location as a Senior Technical Editor, and he is able to work with the Calgary staff in review publications with maximum efficiency. Being an IT enthusiast, Preston has graduated from SAIT Polytechnic in Calgary with a Diploma in IT: Computer Systems, specializing in Microsoft infrastructure and architecture. Having a passion in computers from an early age, he likes to follow the latest trends in consumer electronics and products, and is a fan of console gaming on his PlayStation 4 (Actually, he owns every generation of the Sony PlayStation, haha). Currently, he is also pursuing a BSc degree in Computing and Information Systems in extensively improving his skill set in programming/development. Because he is also an avid gaming enthusiast, Preston plans to further his passion in IT by starting up side projects in creating games via the programming languages and game engines in which he is experienced in. In his spare time, Preston is zealously rallying up friends and family to join him in his wild campaign in developing great games.

Aaron Lai (aeroLai)

Title: Technical Editor
Location: APH Networks Calgary

Aaron joined the APH Networks team in mid-2013 as Technical Editor, specializing in reviewing computer peripherals and other consumer electronics. During his talks with the Editor-in-Chief, he specifically asked to stay away from computer hardware until he had an actual rig going, haha. Now that he finally does, Aaron has expanded into computer hardware. Aaron is an avid Android fan, with his HTC One X+ 64GB, as well as his Nexus 7 (2012). Aaron lives in Calgary, Alberta and attends the same church as “the chc” and Preston. However unlike his fellow compatriots, he doesn’t yell when VTEC kicks in (yo!) because he has no VTEC to kick in a Chevrolet Cobalt. In his spare time, Aaron enjoys playing random games on his desktop and PlayStation 3. Aaron is currently studying Electrical Engineering with a Minor in Computer Engineering at the Schulich School of Engineering (University of Calgary). He is currently working in his 16-month software developer internship at Lockheed Martin CDL Systems Canada.

Paul Dwalibi (redeemed)

Title: Technical Editor
Location: Sydney, Australia

Paul is our first upside-down APH Networks team member. Joining the team in mid-2009, he is specifically committed to two positions here on APH Networks: News Poster specializing in Affiliates News, and a Forum Experience Team Member in our community forums. He later took on the position of being an Article Quality Control Editor in ensuring quality and refinement of each article. And here's the most important thing of being a part of the team here at APH: Paul is probably the nicest and most humble person you'd ever talk to, and is respected by many at all times! But when he edits articles, he is a hardcore Grammar Nazi. His specialized News Editor position involve posting links to new affiliate articles delivered via email, as well as ensuring appropriate links and titles are given to each. In June 2011, he began his reviewing career at APH Networks. Like Jonathan, he does enjoy quite a bit of informal 'stalking' here and there at times haha. That is how he learned all the "VTEC just kicked in yo" jokes from the chc. Ironically and quite unfortunately, he drives a piece of crap 1.2L Ford Festiva (Which he thought it was a Fiesta for at least 2 years), so he can only dream for now ;) Paul is currently doing his Information Technology degree at University of Technology in Sydney, Australia.

Devin Chollak (Jyro)

Title: Technical Editor
Location: APH Networks Calgary

If you have never seen Devin before, that's because you have not been paying attention: Being the only white guy on the team, he is often used as the background for most of our review photos. (Jokes aside -- we are not actually racist, haha.) Devin joined the team at APH Networks Calgary in mid-May of 2011 as a Technical Editor, working in reviewing computer hardware, peripherals, and other electronics. Being situated in the same city as Jonathan, Preston, and Aaron, he is part of the infamous team that draws up highly technical, systematic collaborated review testing sessions, but ends up playing Counter-Strike: Source over LAN against each other for "benchmarking purposes". Let's not talk about his private life, because you can probably get an idea of what it is if you have paid attention to all the skirt references he likes to make in his articles. With that in mind, Devin is has completed his undergraduate Software Engineering degree at home in the Schulich School of Engineering (University of Calgary), and is currently working on his master's at University of Waterloo.

Zachary Hopkins (HopkinsProgramming)

Title: Forum Experience Adviser
Location: Virginia, USA

Zachary Hopkins loves long walks on the beach, is currently single, and lives in an apartment by himself in Virginia. We can clearly see why this is the case when he doesn't even want to publish a profile picture haha. So we "borrowed" something recognizable instead! His favorite line is "I hate papers and projects and retarted system administrators and evil squirrels and OMG >.<" Notice how he spelled "retarded" wrong. He also once claimed that "[his] Business Law book has transformed into a 2-ton brick and it is crushing [him]". Anyways, on the serious side, as part of the Forum Experience Team on the APH Networks Community Forums, he monitors APH quite a bit and takes out forum spam like no tomorrow. And he makes sure all the threads are in the right place, then there's those days of helping forum members. Just to make sure that the forums are in good order and everything is going smoothly. He's an expert in pretty much every programming language you can think of. A networking man himself, he also helps out with backend technical issues with the administration side of things as often has he can. Like the rest of the team, he did his part as well in the '08 APH Networks Relaunch.

Anthony Kwan (shift)

Title: Forum Experience Adviser
Location: APH Networks Vancouver

Anthony Kwan actually has a girlfriend, unlike Zachary Hopkins (Who apparently "really don't like any people... long story" -- a direct quote!?). Anthony's primary role on APH Networks is the Community Forums Adviser, responsible for strategic operations, management, efficiency, and effectiveness of the community forums. The reason why he has this job is because he offered to bribe "the chc" 12:00 in the morning when "the chc" couldn't sleep, and in return "the chc" sent some benefits back as well haha. He is currently studying Health Sciences at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia (This is why he actually has a girlfriend, unlike those in engineering lol). Anthony also did a major part in the '08 APH Networks Relaunch too. And just if you're wondering, he's the guy on the left in the photo above. At least we think, anyway.


Additional credits: You might have noticed how APH Networks is missing a ton of news archive and various articles since 2005. This is due to the APH Networks' relaunch on July 30, 2008. Running previously on an outdated platform, the code contains a variety of unaddressed security problems and inefficient/obsolete technology. When our site was relaunched, it was moved to a completely new platform with significantly improved code on the backend; complete with a new design on the frontend. Unfortunately, the old database was not compatible with the new one and an automatic conversion cannot be done. Therefore, all data had to be manually republished onto the site. This required some hardcore copying-and-pasting (And yeah, you'd be surprised how long that took, which is roughly 11 hours to fully complete the upgrade procedure). In this context, former APH Networks staff Herbert Lui (Herbicious), staff member Zachary Hopkins (HopkinsProgramming), as well as two volunteers Anthony Kwan (shift -- who wasn't part of the team at the time) and Michael Choi (r3volution) helped out with the republishing of majority of APH's contents.

A special note: The APH IPB licensing cost was donated by ty8131990, gummyz, Herbicious, and Meltzdown back in the days. Their contributions to APH Networks will not be forgotten!