Capcom Confirms PC Release for Monster Hunter Rise Next Year

From PC Mag: One of the key titles for the Nintendo Switch this year is Monster Hunter Rise, which is set to launch on March 26. However, Capcom just confirmed that the game will also be released on PC early in 2022.

As IGN reports, confirmation of a PC release comes courtesy of the game's producer Royozo Tsujimoto, who said, "We received a lot of requests for a PC version of Monster Hunter Rise, particularly from overseas players, and so we have decided to develop a version for PC, which we aim to release in early 2022." Anyone looking for further details is going to have to wait a bit longer, though, with Tsujimoto adding, "This is still under development, so I’d like to share more detailed information when the time is right."

A PC release and at least another 10 months of development time gives Capcom ample opportunity to make the game, which already looks stunning on Switch, really shine using the latest graphics cards on PC. As to why Capcom has decided on a PC release, it's most likely due to how well the previous Monster Hunter game sold. Monster Hunter World launched in 2018 for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and managed to shift 16.8 million copies followed by the Iceborne expansion pack selling a further 7.2 million copies.

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