Slack GPT will bring AI chatbots to your conversations

From PC World: Slack has become the latest developer to commit to integrating AI inside of its platform, with a new Slack GPT integration that will use chatbots as your own personal business assistants. But Slack GPT also highlights another AI quirk that may fly under the radar: its short-term attention span.

In March, Salesforce’s Slack division announced a ChatGPT app, allowing the OpenAI chatbot to be pulled into the Slack conversational interface. Now, Slack is expanding that: Slack GPT will support ChatGPT, the Claude chatbot, and Slack’s own eventual Einstein GPT chatbot as well.

Slack’s taking a simple approach. To avoid forcing users to scroll back through reams of chat text (say, after returning from vacation) Slack GPT will simply summarize it all for you. Slack’s vision involves using AI to “take notes” and summarize the next steps to take after a conversation. Slack’s Native Assisted Writing is also taking pages from Canva’s Magic Write and Microsoft’s Copilot and providing a way to draft an email to follow up with a client or sales lead — even automating the process when a new Salesforce CRM lead triggers a response.

That’s the future Slack sees for itself. Einstein GPT will be a sales-optimized AI, so that it be less focused on crafting original Seinfeld dialogue and more designed around closing a potential deal.

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