Samsung’s ambient sound mode on the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro is getting way more powerful

From The Verge: Samsung has announced that it’s adding more features and greater flexibility to the ambient sound mode on its Galaxy Buds 2 Pro. Ahead of Global Accessibility Awareness Day this week, the company says its new “enhanced” ambient sound will add two additional levels of passthrough amplification on top of the three that were already present, which will let owners further customize just how much outside audio they want to hear whenever the mode is activated.

“With this improved feature, Galaxy Buds 2 Pro users can also fine tune their ambient sound settings across a variety of needs using the Galaxy Wearable app,” Samsung wrote in a press release. “Users can adjust the volumes on the left and the right respectively, as well as customize their ambient sound tone range from soft to clear across five different stages. Additionally, ambient sound can tune to users’ ears through the ‘adapt ambient sound’ feature, allowing for even more clarity in helping users hear the world around them better.”

Samsung notes that although the Buds 2 Pro are picking up these new accessibility options, the earbuds still aren’t intended to be used as a medical device. But the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro are far less expensive than over-the-counter hearing aids, and the added flexibility for ambient sound mode could prove hugely valuable to people trying to make the outside world sound that much clearer while wearing the $230 earbuds.

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