Thermaltake Debuts TOUGHFAN EX12/14 Pro with Upgraded Magnetic Force Connection

From Thermaltake Press Release: Thermaltake is proud to announce that the TOUGHFAN EX12/14 Pro High Static Pressure PC Cooling Fan – Swappable Edition (3-Fan Pack) is now available for purchase worldwide. Elevate non-RGB fans to new heights; the TOUGHFAN EX Pro merges the exceptional cooling capability of the TOUGHFAN Pro with the quick magnetic connection and swappable fan blade design of the SWAFAN EX. Providing a cooling system with high performance, aesthetic appeal, and installation flexibility.

The TOUGHFAN EX12/14 Pro features a new MagForce 2.0 Quick Connect Design which the upgraded pogo pin contact pads are two times larger to minimize potential misalignment. With this innovative technology, you can install fans effortlessly with magnetic force and decrease cable usage. Equipped with a swappable fan blade design, the TOUGHFAN EX Pro can be switched between standard and reverse fan blades. Therefore, you can always present the front of the fans in any airflow direction, enabling maximum flexibility and aesthetics. Additionally, the fan blades can be easily popped out for rinse, making maintenance simple and fun.

For optimal cooling efficiency, the TOUGHFAN EX Pro has nine lengthened fan blades, meticulously re-engineered for increased airflow and more substantial static pressure. The TOUGHFAN EX Pro can reach fan speeds of up to 2000 RPM; the 120mm model’s standard fan blade can offer a static pressure of 3.19 mmH2O and 70.8 CFM (Max) airflow while maintaining under 22.6 dB-A noise level; the 140mm model’s standard fan blade can provide a static pressure of 3.57 mmH2O and 119.6 CFM (Max) airflow while keeping under 31.6 dB-A noise level.

The square fan frame design of TOUGHFAN EX Pro improves the fitment possibilities in chassis or radiators, significantly preventing air leakage. Furthermore, the fan blades are made of Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP), and since the corners are covered by rubber pads, it can reduce the vibrations while in operation, enabling the TOUGHFAN EX Pro to spin at a higher level while keeping a low noise level.

Featuring supreme cooling capability, an enhanced magnetic force connection, and a versatile swappable fan blade design, the TOUGHFAN EX12/14 Pro is a powerful cooling component. If you are going to build a low-profile, non-RGB PC that stands out with performance and style, don't delay in acquiring the TOUGHFAN EX12/14 Pro!

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