Intel's new Special Edition gaming CPU hits 6.2 GHz with 1.5 volts

From Tom's Hardware: Images of Intel's upcoming Core i9-14900KS have leaked, including photos of the CPU's retail packaging, and the technical specs revealed in a motherboard BIOS (via @I_Leak_VN on X). The new flagship CPU will seemingly have the same box Intel used for the Core i9-13900K and Core i9-14900K, which features a wafer-shaped plastic case. Additionally, BIOS screenshots indicate that the 14900KS can hit 6.2 GHz on three of its P-cores out-of-the-box, though this will take a shocking 1.5 volts to achieve.

The images come courtesy of Asus forum user Pakhtunov, who apparently has access to a Core i9-14900KS before its official launch later this month. The user took a picture of two 14900KS boxes, and although it's hard to see entirely, it appears that the 14900KS will use the same packaging the 14900K did, including the novelty wafer that houses the CPU itself

Pakhtunov also included screenshots of the BIOS, which tell us exactly what the 14900KS's clock speed behavior is. The CPU is apparently capable of hitting 6.2 GHz on three P-cores and 5.9 GHz on all eight P-cores, which is just 100 MHz below the regular Core i9-14900K's boost clock of 6.0 GHz. However, it's not clear if all three cores will operate at 6.2 GHz at the same time, since Intel usually has a dual-core boost, not a tri-core boost. Meanwhile, three E-cores are rated for 4.6 GHz, and all can hit 4.5 GHz; a 200MHz higher boost clock compared to the 14900K.

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