Google Drive videos look better now

From PC World: Google has revealed some new improvements in the latest update to its cloud service Google Drive. The playback of video files in your Drive will be faster, and it will be easier to sort and find all your files in the cloud.

Thanks to new transcoding in Google Drive, the transfer capacity can be adjusted to give you higher or lower resolution depending on your connection speed. With the update, video playback should also start faster from the moment you hit the Play button, and it shouldn’t buffer as often. So far, these improvements only apply to new video files uploaded to Google Drive since the launch of the update, but Google promises that all video files in Drive will benefit from the update before the end of the year.

The update also improved search functions in Google Drive. You should now be able to sort by file type, owner, and when the file was last modified. Once you get the search results, you can refine your filtering. Google Drive will also automatically suggest filters when you search to save you time.

The new search features are currently available on Google Drive for iOS, and for Google Workspace customers. Google does not yet know when the features will be launched for Android users.

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